Lewis Watson

My name is Lewis. I write code and do product stuff for a startup called ROOY.

Don't worry, this site will look different soon ;)

  • Lua
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • nginx
  • React
  • GraphQL



  • Education Levels

    A tool helping students to monitor their development and achieve self-determined milestones throughout their educational journey from K - 12.

  • Union of Clarity and Diversity

    An open-source RPG game mode and MTA community, designed to be welcoming to a diverse player base.

  • SMITE Team Finder

    A tool designed to connect the community and individual players of Hi-Rez Studio's action MOBA - SMITE.

  • mtasa-resources

    The resource pack included with Multi Theft Auto, an open source multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Used by 130,000 players every day.


    Advanced and lightweight RPG game mode for Multi Theft Auto created for the 'Grand Theft Walrus RPG' server.

  • United Social Gamers

    A robust multi-gamemode and multi-room MTA server and community centered on friendly socialisation and creating fun memories.